Trader Joe’s Love Affair

I love grocery stores. Little ones, big ones, regional chains, local markets, specialty stores, and one-stop-shops. I often spend at least an hour in any given supermarket, roaming down every single aisle, looking for my next favorite food. Yes, I do need therapy.

Trader Joe’s called my name from thirty blocks away, where I was dying a slow death at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Trader Joe is the king of snacks. Two of my finds today:

Cinnamon Almonds. Sweet, crunchy nuggets. The perfect cure for my sugar cravings (which are constant). Good in oatmeal, frozen yogurt, or straight out of the bag and into your salivating mouth.

cinnamon almondsDark Chocolate Edamame. Mini protein chocolate bombs that disguise the fact that there is something green underneath all the rich chocolate-y goodness. Good between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Possible midnight snack material.

chocolate edamame

How long do you think these babies will last? I’m betting 48 hours at the most.

2 responses to “Trader Joe’s Love Affair

  1. I want to try those chocolate edamame. They seem very interesting, too bad they’ll be gone before this weekend!

  2. Hello L, it’s grandma M. Your blog is terrific!


    Grandma M.

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