Forever Friends

I have six best friends I’ve known since elementary school. Through thick and thin, we’ve stuck together like glue. Four of them live hopped on a plane to New York City to visit me and G for the weekend.

We made sure the ladies received the full NYC experience: walking dozens of blocks, sweating in the subway, crying over 10022-Shoe at Saks Fifth Avenue. You know, the usual.

These girls have a weakness for crop tops and over-the-shoulder black bags, preferably with gold chain details.


Full frontal. Check out our location. We’ve never met a shoe store we didn’t like.

shoe store

I played paparazzi all day. The girls were lovely models.


Until they went crazy. It’s the heat, I tell ya.

nat and cara

We started off Saturday night drinking wine in bed. We like to keep things classy.


wine bed


Cheers, to many more decades of friendship. May we laugh, dance, sing, shout and drink wine together again soon.

One response to “Forever Friends

  1. well said.
    hugs and kisses

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