Kick the Habit, Week One

It has been five days since my last ice cream. Five days of torture on behalf of my Kick the Habit challenge.

Just kidding! I’ve supplemented my ice cream addiction with other sugar bombs. Chocolate cake and blondies have been my drugs of choice this week. Check out these homemade blueberry scones. They look scrumptious, taste like dirt. Baking fail.

This Kick the Habit challenge is my chance to start fresh and create my best self. Yet, I find myself thinking that my life would be doom and gloom without ice cream or cupcakes or chocolate to cast a bright ray of sugary sunshine on my days.

So, I will continue the challenge and avoid ice cream, even at my sweatiest and weakest moments. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, after all. HOWEVER, I will also continue to browse my neighborhood bakeries, the cookie section of the grocery store, and the food trucks that dot the streets of Manhattan, on the lookout for my next delectable treat.

Thank you, Kick the Habit. I’m discovering what I really want out of my bright and shiny new life in New York City. Mainly, quick sugar highs. I’ll also throw in a love affair fit for a rom-com movie, for good measure.

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