Deep Breathes

These are the gorgeous views from G’s balcony. This afternoon, I headed over to her apartment for some much needed relaxation in the sunshine. New Yorkers are ensnared in the go, go, go mentality of this city. Lately, my mind wanders to what lies ahead, instead of staying grounded in the present. Above the busy hum of the city today, I took my first deep breathe in a while. Something about a view of the horizon brings me inner calm.

tudor city

city view

I brought the reading materials, G brought the sparkling wine. Don’t judge our red Solo cups. We still think we’re in college.

sparkling wine

The sun was relentless, but we couldn’t complain. I had my little slice of heaven, for an hour or two (G lives in this oasis 24/7, can you say jealous?). It must have been the vitamin D overload that left me feeling dizzy with happiness… or the two glasses of sparkling wine.





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