Tea Time

G’s older sister and her friend popped into the city for a couple days from Toronto. Before the girls jumped onto a plane back home, we enjoyed a leisurely five-course afternoon tea at Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon .

We sat by candlelight, sipping our tea with pinkies in the air.


sipping tea

Our food extravaganza began with succulent butternut squash tarts. Next, we scarfed down two rounds of tea sandwiches: salmon, egg salad, turkey and the obligatory cucumber. We did not hold back when asked if we wanted seconds.

tea sandwiches

For our third course, we were served two sugar crusted scones, one plain and the other studded with cranberries, topped with clotted cream and jam. Next, we dug into slices of cake that were light as air. G’s sister claimed she counted 24 layers.


At this point, we started to feel uncomfortably full. I forged on, munching on a chocolate-covered strawberry and a shortbread cookie.


In the quiet serenity of the restaurant, we could not stop giggling. It may have had something to do with the misfit red teapot amongst the fancy floral china.


For once, I was not behind the camera! Those were big belly laughs that could not be suppressed, despite the disruption we likely caused.


The girls requested some paparazzi photos. Shades were necessary.


The craziness (sugar highs, anyone?) continued outside.


There’s nothing like an afternoon of laughter, tea, and sugar to lift the spirits. These ladies better be back soon.


gill looks back

One response to “Tea Time

  1. Hi L, this your aunt, MM…

    Your posts are great… Maybe someday Gradma and I can come up and have lunch in the big city,

    Love, MM

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