Water Fight

I went back to my roots last Friday to visit my grandparents in the good ol’ Midwest. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve, unable to sleep as I thought about grassy green lawns, sprinklers, central air conditioning, and double ovens. My family came from Toronto, so it was a reunion of sorts.

Our annual water fight bonanza commenced bright and early Monday morning. Check out our neon arsenal.

water balloons

My grandpa was in charge of refilling our water guns.


Things got wild fast. We were all drenched with icy hose water within minutes.

water fight

water fight 2

Action shots. The faces of angels, I tell ya.

mom water



scott water

Before shot. Dry with wide smiles. Ready to take down the enemy.
After. Soaked and giddy. We’re all winners, folks.
Please, don’t be alarmed.

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