Kick the Habit, Reflections

Tomorrow marks the one-month anniversary of my pledge to Kick the Habit.

I vowed to eat ice cream just once a week for four weeks. Although the first week of the challenge proved harder than expected, I was surprised that I gradually stopped obsessing about when my next ice cream fix would be as the days wore on. I focused on how my body felt. Would ice cream truly improve my mood? Some days, the answer was a heartfelt yes. Others, a walk over to the Upper West Side for some fresh air, sipping on an iced tea, was enough.

I did slip up a few times. Hey, when you live above a McDonald’s, anything can happen. M&M McFlurries were my downfall. I also indulged in Pinkberry, but I’ve decided that those treats don’t count. Frozen yogurt is no comparison to ice cream, no matter how you spin it.

Kick the Habit was a learning experience. My first thoughts were that this challenge was an irritation. I wanted my sugar fix, and nothing was going to change my mind. However, as my body began to adjust, I found that it isn’t the sugar that makes me happy, it’s the people in my life. My family and friends who make me laugh, cry, and feel all those tumultuous emotions in between. I can live without ice cream (!) but I could never enjoy life without people to share it with.

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