Today + Tomorrow

{A Letter to Myself}

You can do it. If not today, then tomorrow.

You thought you’d have a steady job after you graduated college. You thought you’d get a raise by Christmas and a promotion by Easter.

You had a schedule; you planned your future down to the last to-do on your life checklist.

Sure, you graduated just fine. Without a job.

You took a chance and moved to New York. Without a job.

For four excruciating months, you networked and interviewed until you thought your head would fall off. Still no job. You were scared, frustrated, and just plain tired. You wanted to give up.

Then, it happened. You landed a freelance job at a national magazine. It isn’t your dream gig. You don’t have a yearly salary, you don’t have benefits. You don’t even have the promise of work next month. But it’s a start.

You have today. You have tomorrow.

“All great achievements require time.” Maya Angelou


One response to “Today + Tomorrow

  1. So very proud of you! Love you tons. You will be a super star

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